Uwe Zirbes, a visionary entrepreneur and diplomat with a global network, is appointed Vice President: An impressive recognition of his global diplomacy

In a breathtaking ceremony in front of an impressive backdrop of international guests, Uwe Zirbes, an outstanding personality, was appointed Vice President by the renowned lobby organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity. This organization, officially registered with the United Nations, NATO and the European Union, honored Zirbes' outstanding contributions to world peace and prosperity.

On May 20th and 21st, 2023, the International Peace Congress took place in Tirana, which attracted numerous prominent personalities, entrepreneurs and VIPs from all over the world. In the midst of this gathering of diplomatic greats and high-profile guests, Uwe Zirbes received the prestigious appointment as Vice President.

Among the invited guests were: Dr Bajram Begaj, President of the Republic of Albania; Baba Mondi (Hajji Dede Edmond Brahimaj), leader of the Albanian religious religion Bektashi; Mr Damian Gjiknuri, Secretary General of the Socialist Party; Mr. Erion Veliaj , Sindaco di Tirana; Albanian Mufti Bujar Spahiu, President of the Muslim Albanian Community; Monsignor Arjan Dodaj, Arcivescovo dell'Arcidiocesi della Chiesa Cattolica d'Albania; Arcivescovo Anastasios Janullatos, Primas della Chiesa ortodossa d'Albania; Archivescovo Gino Collica, High Commissioner for DMPP and Rapporteur for UPC in Europe; cave Devis Paganelli Ambasciatore commissario nazionale per l'Italia; Ms. Lindita Buxheli, Member of the Albanian Parliament; Ms. Shaimaa Mohamed Moustafa Elmanzalawi, Sheikh Amer Zeineddine, Rappresentante of UPC in Lebanon, Irfan Hysenbelliu, President and owner of the first TV channel in Albania; dr Madhu Krishan, President of the United States Global Peace; dr Fathi Said, Mr. Abdoulaye Kadjalla, Ms. Houda Djad, Mr. Kerdad Soukaina, Mr. Muhammad Hassan Waheed, Beata Abina Malchisdeck, Patriarca della chiesa ortodossa in Palestine; Ms. Layla Najafe, UPC Rapporteur in London; Ms. Gabriela Shehati, Legal Counsel and Director of the DMPP Youth Forum; Mr. Kevin Toptani, Deputy Director of the Youth Forum – DMPP; Mr. Mateo Myftaraj, Director General of Youth Forum, Mrs. Layla Najafee, CEO of Mrs. Universal Empire - and many other governmental and non-governmental diplomacy.

As a respected entrepreneur and consultant, Uwe Zirbes has built an impressive career characterized by his unique ability to build bridges between different business sectors and political actors. His international reputation stretches across borders and has given him access to influential figures around the world. With a worldwide network of investors, major corporations and even government officials, Zirbes has played a key role in stimulating investment, strengthening economic ties and supporting sustainable growth. His wide range of contacts includes prominent names in finance, royal families and influential oligarchs.

The appointment as Vice President by the Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity underscores not only Zirbes' diplomatic skills, but also his unparalleled expertise in the global economy and his commitment to a fairer world order. His ability to bring diverse stakeholders together and forge effective partnerships is recognized as a force for peace and prosperity in the international community.

Uwe Zirbes is a living example of how a visionary entrepreneur and corporate-level consultant can positively impact the world. His tireless commitment to sustainable development, his ability to find solutions and his extensive network have rightly earned him this outstanding recognition. In his new role as Vice President, Uwe Zirbes will increase his efforts to develop innovative strategies to promote peace and economic prosperity worldwide. His influence will be felt at both government and business levels as he uses his extensive network to find sustainable solutions to the most pressing global challenges.

In a stirring speech for world peace, which was greeted with enthusiastic applause, Zirbes emphasized: “Peace is not a condition that will come about by itself, but requires our active participation, determination and shared commitment. World peace begins within each of us. Peace means finding harmony in our hearts and reaching out to one another with compassion and respect. It requires the ability to accept differences and seek common solutions. Peace is a precious commodity that is nurtured through dialogue, understanding and non-violent communication. We must develop our conflict resolution skills and have the courage to work for justice and reconciliation. It is our responsibility to fight prejudice and injustice and to ensure equal rights and opportunities for all people. A crucial factor for world peace is education. Education is a tool that helps us to break down barriers, overcome prejudices and develop understanding for one another. It enables us to learn and put into practice the values of peace. A comprehensive education based on compassion, tolerance and intercultural understanding can lay the foundation for a more peaceful and just world.”

With this significant award, Uwe Zirbes is now in an influential position to continue his efforts for peace and prosperity worldwide. His vision and commitment will help create a better and more harmonious world for all of us.

What does the lobby organization DMPP do, registered and accredited by the UN, NATO and EU.

The diplomatic mission “Peace and Prosperity” was created on the initiative of former American Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, as a peacekeeping mission in the Balkans and around the world, following the ideas of the Peace and Prosperity Movement of former American President Dwight D. Eisenhower. DMPP is a global peace organization supported by a large group of diplomats worldwide. The Peace and Prosperity diplomatic mission is committed to creating more powerful lobbies with figures from around the world to support democratic developments in the Balkans and developing countries, in accordance with the principles of the United Nations and American democracy. This mission works to teach developing countries how to govern themselves, modeled on American democracy. DMPP activities are expanded to Balkans, Italy, Israel, Turkey, France, Belgium, United States, South America, Pacific, Africa, Australia, India, etc.

The diplomatic mission Peace and Prosperity works with many personalities, peace missionaries, diplomats and politicians from the Balkans and different countries of the world. Also on the staff of this mission are many personalities who have made their contribution to world peace, such as the American Senator Bob Dole, General Wesley Clark, Prince Michael of Kent, diplomat Dr. Haim Reitan, Ambassador William Weiss, US Congressman Devin Nunes, US Congressman Gary Peters, Dr. Roberto Cohen, Dr. Madhu Krishan, Jennifer Lim, etc. Other contributions to peace and prosperity brought about by DMPP have also been made by Balkan missionaries such as Dr. Ilir Meta, Dr. Namik Dokle and Dr. Petro done Koçi, Dr. Gani Hoxha, Dr. Makbule Çeço, Albanian MP Shpëtim Idrizi, Albanian writer Dritëro Agolli, weightlifting champion Muharrem Berisha, Hashim Thaçi and others.

The diplomatic mission Peace and Prosperity is a partner of many international organizations that work for peace and prosperity worldwide. In particular, DMPP works with institutions that protect human rights, such as the American Diplomatic Mission for World Peace, International Human Rights Commission, International Diplomatic Cooperation and Security, Planet Diplomat, Diplomatic Society of St Gabriel, Academy of Universal Global Peace, People to People , American University, etc.

Among other things, DMPP helps talented boys and girls get an education at universities like Harvard, Oxford, Sorbonne, American University, Logos Instituto University of East Anglia etc. to get degrees as diplomats and leading economists who are able are to lead corporations, multinationals, banks and international institutions that dictate the development policies of the regions and the whole world.

DMPP fulfills every goal associated with peace and prosperity policies around the world.